Reynolds Raps

Eric Reynolds

Central Bucks product Eric Reynolds talks about his summertime switch from Boston College to Temple. The freshman tailback is more than eager to battle for the starting job. "That's why I came here," he said. "To carry the ball."

Eric Reynolds has already had a whirlwind summer.

And it's just getting started.

The freshman running back from Central Bucks South High School switched his commitment from Boston College to Temple, received his release from the Eagles and now finds himself on North Broad Street competing to be the starting running back when the Owls open at Army on August 29.

Reynolds, who said he first started to have doubts six weeks ago, admitted his hesitation with BC revolved around homesickness and some questions about his eligibility. He considered the eligibility aspect minor, but it gave him some pause.

"I probably would have just taken a summer class, pretty much the same one I took here, and I probably would have been fine," Reynolds said. "I don't know if I would have redshirted or gone to junior college because my grades were questionable. Towards the end, BC gave me the wrong impression, I guess. It's a great school. I would have loved to go there. It just didn't work out."

Not liking the vibe coming from Chestnut Hill, Reynolds switched allegiances and was fortunate BC released him from his commitment – thereby allowing him to play for Temple this year and not sit out a year. He seems completely comfortable with the Owls and at peace with his change of heart.

"When I decided I wasn't going to BC, Temple called and said they'd be happy to take me any time," Reynolds said. "From the beginning, they've been so genuine, so nice. They came to my house, showed gratitude towards my family. It's the reason I would have picked Temple in the first place (if he hadn't settled on BC).

"During my whole recruiting process, it was very hectic. I had to answer a lot of phone calls, my mom had to deal with a lot of things. But it was a good experience. I learned a lot, and I'm glad I'm here now."

Reynolds finished his senior season with 2,830 yards and 38 touchdowns. Now he's competing with sophomore Marquise Liverpool, who is moving from wide receiver, redshirt freshman Joe Jones, who is coming off an Achilles injury, and freshman Ahkeem Smith for a starting spot.

"Including our two fullbacks (Marcellous Grigsby and Lamar McPherson) who can play one-back for us, you're talking about six potential ballcarriers," said Coach Al Golden, who didn't dismiss splitting carries. "What I'm interested in seeing is who distinguishes himself. I would love to have a guy say, ‘Coach, I'm the guy in the fourth quarter. I'm the guy to give the ball to.' I haven't seen that yet.

"I know we're talented at tailback, but I haven't seen anybody distinguish themselves yet. My expectations for [Reynolds] are high. He's a talented player. But the expectations for all those kids are high. It's a talented group and they'll all get their shot."

Reynolds feels he can be that guy Golden is looking for. He also admits he's behind the eight ball.

"I haven't put on spikes in a while," Reynolds said before the first practice. "Hopefully I haven't lost a step. I'm not in the best shape. I'm not going to lie. It's a big transition. The veterans coming back know the plays. I just have to learn the plays and jump in and do my best, see what happens.

"The coaches said if I worked hard enough, I could definitely be that guy. I'd love to be that guy, the same as high school. I was that guy in high school and would love to be that guy in college. To touch the ball that much, that's why I came here, to carry the ball." Recommended Stories